suhali + pomme d'amour =

  1. Hi just wondering if I should buy the pomme d'amour PTI to match my black suhali le fab.

    I originally purchased a black suhali PTI to match, but for some reason I was not too fond of the suhali PTI and retuned it immediately. So I'm looking for another PTI to match. Any opinions would be fabulous. Thanks!
  2. I think it would be fabulous!
    I am contemplating a pomme d'amour cles or heart purse for my black epi speedy!
  3. My only concern is the color transfer of the black le fab interior onto the vernis pomme d'amour PTI. Do you think that will occur?

    With the issuses about the damier speedies interior bleeding and all...
  4. Pomme d'Amour is on the 'dark' shade of Vernis which is less noticeable when it comes to color transfer, may be something like purseket can avoid the transfer?
  5. that would look stunning together.

  6. yup, i think they'll look divine together.
  7. Oh, they will look fantastic together! But I agree with Classic Chic, a purseket or similar might be a good idea to prevent any colour transfer.
  8. stunning combo....:love: Get it!:yes:
  9. i think it would look pretty!
  10. Wondering?
    Girl, you put this here just so we would drool! Great color combo!
  11. The color combo would be nice!
  12. The black and red would be gorgeous together!
  13. ITA
  14. I agree, it will look fabulous. Anne, I didn't know you had a Le Fab! Bravo! LOL.
  15. Thanks all! I'm gonna get it for sure...

    Michelle, I got my Le Fab sometime in july last year @ SCP. I'm "one" of those people who never post pics. Sorry I am terrible with this uploading stuff. Awww...I'm gonna have to do it when I get my pomme d'amour PTI, I totally promise.