Suhali PM question

  1. Regarding the Lockit PM, can you wear it over your shoulder? Are the handles the same size as a saleya pm? If anyone has a modeling pic, I'd appreciate it. TIA.
  2. Nope its a hand bag.
  3. :yes:
  4. One of favorite handbags!
  5. beautiful bag!

    OT: pinki--who is that in your new avatar?
  6. I tried lockit pm in the store, I could put it over my shoulder easily eventhough I had my jacket on. My SA said it's handheld before I tried it, finally she are tiny (not I am not tiny)
    I think it's almost the same length handles as Saleya PM..
  7. ^^OT.... My secret...;)
  8. Nita, You and the other lovely ladies here have such slender arms. It's really not fair you guys can wear hand held over the shoulder.:hysteric:
  9. LOL..all the fats end up below the waist area :cursing:
  10. ^OT
    hhmmm... Well, I don't see any evidence from any of your modelling pics.:p
  11. You must have very slim arms..
  12. Adorable whomever she was.....:cutesy:
  13. Agreed! :yes:
  14. I love the Suhali lockit PM, its gorgeous, especially in white! I believe it is a handbag only even though it will probably will fit on the shoulder, but it won't look as nice.
  15. that's my other ultimate dream bag! i want the white one when I'm high up in the corporate world..i'm thinking 3 years! hahahha..j/k

    i looked at the descriptions on the website..I think the MM and GM are the ones you can put ove shoulder...and GM can hold size A4 files.