Suhali or CB?!

  1. i really confused with my decision so i thought i might ask for opinion here..

    so.. im thinking of buying either Suhali (geranium or white) or CB sac retro.

    1. i always love Suhali and always dreaming of having one, so should i go for suhali? would u prefer red or white for my first one?

    2. i'm thinking to find something on CB as i missed out last time but its morelikely something that i just feel like i have to have at least something rather than i actually really like it :Push: so.. should i go for CB?

    any opinions would be great, thanks! :heart:
  2. i'd go with the Suhali; it's so classy -- especially in white, which is my favorite color in that line -- and the leather is exquisite:tender:. somehow the Sac Retro looks really weird to me, and i only like the Papillon from the Cherry Blossom line, and that only in the Red/Creme color
  3. I say for for Suhali in Geranium... it's SUCH a sexy color...

    If you want to go for CB, I say go for Red/Creme... I love all styles from this line... mainly the Retro and Papillon. :heart:.
  4. I'd go with the CB for's harder to find and you seem really stuck on it ;)
    The Suhali will be around for awhile and for your first, I'd go with the white, if that's what you end up picking. But I do love that CB.. :yes:
  5. Suhali in Geranium. It's awesome!
  6. My vote is for a red suhali because it's really beautiful and elegant and you can use it for most occassions. Whereas with the CB retro, you can probably only use it to go out and not for work because it'll probably look too immature.
  7. You seem like you want the Suhali more, so I'd get a Geranium Suhali- it's gorgeous!
  8. Suhali:yes:
  9. Suhali
  10. The Sac Retro, I've heard, is a very hard to use bag. I personally don't like Suhali that much (I'd prefer the CB...but...if you're trying to get use of this bag...) but if that's one of your choices, I think you should go with it :smile:
  11. I'm going through a decision like this and all I can say is you have to buy what you really like and picture yourself using, I sometimes get caught in a cycle where I HAVE to have something from a line just because it's from that line, then I stop myself because I don't really love the thing I'm thinking of getting, I just feel obligated to have something from the line.....Of your choices I prefer the Suahli, though the hardware on the bags is not for me, I do think they are pretty on other people, especially the white. A white suhali cles and agenda are on my short list!
  12. thx ladies..

    Suhali = 10 votes (white Suhali = 2 votes, geranium Suhali = 5 votes)
    CB = 1 votes

    i really think i should get the Suhali but im afraid that i'll miss out the CB :sad:
  13. Suhali in Geranium
  14. go with suhali in white! so classy!:nuts: :yahoo: :love:
  15. I vote for suhali in geranium as it will be discontinued. I have a CB retro and it is so difficult to open/close:confused1: . Then purchase a white suhali piece:graucho: