Suhali on "Ugly Betty"?

  1. Anyone notice Amanda's bag on "Ugly Betty" last night.

    Looked like a black Suhali (I think) but never really saw it from the side.

    Whatever it was - looked FABU:nuts:
  2. i think it was a black le fab. man it was sooo pretty!!
  3. I love that show!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  4. i noticed it too. such a hot bag!
  5. that show is too funny...I like how Betty's nephew noticed that the receptionists Manola's were from 2004...too funny...
  6. I think it was a black le fab also:yes:
  7. I missed the episode, but I'll download it later...can't wait to watch :yahoo:
  8. yes! I noticed that! hothothot! her nephew was so me a few years ago and the assistant guy is me in a few years! :yahoo:i loved when the assistant told the nephew to be himself and wear whatever he wants, that was such a cute moment
  9. awww i missed it. i've heard a lot about this show and i really wanna see this episode!
  10. Yup, BF looked at me like i was insane when I got excited about it.
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