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Black or White Le Fab

  1. Black Le Fab

  2. White Le Fab

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I am torn between what color to get for the Le fab bag. I have only 2 choices. BLACK OR WHITE.

    I am 32 years old, I have 3 kids, a daughter to whom I want to pass my bag collection. I want the Le Fab that I buy to be lasting a bag that I can still and use and my daughter can use even after awhile.

    I heard about yellowing on the White Le Fab any comments and experiences on that would be great.

    Thanks guys!
  2. i think white is prettier!
    im not sure about the yellowing, and if thats true, then get the black
  3. Black = lower maitenence esp if you've got kids. Can't go wrong with classic black. It's more versatile IMO.
  4. Black Le Fab hands down. ;)
  5. I've got a white Le Fab and it defn hasn't yellowed, and I've never heard of it yellowing. Both are great classic colours though.
  6. thanks everyone. Hope to hear more inputs.
  7. Black then white.
  8. The black one is sooo beautiful!
  9. The white makes me drool
  10. Black!

    Easy to upkeep and also very classic. Make sure to keep us updated when you decide. =)
  11. I like the black better!
  12. Get the black, lower maintenance.
    I personally think the white is prettier but my friends' with white suhalis told me that it gets dirty easily ie. color transfers, pen marks, etc. If it's a bag that you want to pass down to your daughter, stick with the classic black.
  13. WHITE!!

    The white is prettier IMO, and I don't really like black bag. I'm going to buy this bag soon also.. :love:
  14. White Le Fab is very classy and chic combo, if you are also considering a classy yet durable black bag, highly recommend caviar in Chanel!:yes:
  15. Black! That's the one I'm going to get someday..I love that one.