Suhali Lockit PM

  1. I finally purchased it today. I love the style and how the leather is quite slouchy in comparison to my other suhali bags. NEXT I need a blue PTI. :heart:
    20.8.06 010.jpg
  2. OMG:nuts: :nuts: Congrats!!!! Finally:girlsigh: and it's GORGEOUS!!!! Glad you decided to buy it:yahoo:
  3. :yahoo: got it!'s gorgeous!:love:
  4. Thank you for your kind on my list leather onatah pochette:nuts:
  5. beautiful bag! congrats!
  6. Congrats on your purchase!!
  7. Deluxeduck approves :yes:

  8. I love this bag in suhali -- and especially the slouchiness! Gorgeous!
  9. You better get on that blue they have discontinued that color!

    BTW CONGRAT'S the bag is beautiful!:love:
  10. I love the color! beautiful!
  11. Congrats, shes a beauty:yes:
  12. That is ONE HOT bag!!!:love: CONGRATS!!! Enjoy it in good health!!!:yes:
  13. It's so pretty!!!! Would you mind taking a photo of you carrying the bag? I am dying to see how it looks that way!!! I'm going to LV next week so I could wait, but right now you're teasing me! :lol:
  14. That color is TDF, congrats, it's gorgeous!
  15. Congratulations:wlae: