Suhali Lockit PM?

  1. Hi everyone and merry Christmas!

    My next bag will be the Manhattan PM. So far the only one I had in sight after I just bought the Duomo - but - I always loved the Suhali Lockit PM in verone yet tried to forget about it since its more than 10,000 in DKR, and that has always been my "mental limit" for a bag. So far! :p I can afford it after a little saving , I just think its a lot to pay for a bag, but on the other hand if its the one I want, right?:p

    So I guess I need your professional help - how is a bag like this? Is it heavy, easy to get into, is the skin/colour delicate when it comes to rain or leaving it on the ground?

    Any pros or cons are most welcome :smile:
  2. I believe Suhali is pretty durable since it is goat skin, and yet soft after a period of usage, as well as it is a classic beauty. Just use baby wipe to wipe off a bit of rain or snow or dirt. Suhali is not very heavy and pretty easy to get in and out. Hope these help :lol:
  3. i just purchased one in blanc and i love it. i have not actually used it yet but it does not seem as if it will be difficult to get into, is no heavier than a MC trouville, and the leather seems to be quite durable :smile: although i wouldn't recommend leaving it on the ground... :wtf:
  4. If you can afford it, then go for it! The Verone is absolutely beautiful, and the leather is light and durable. I was considering getting one for awhile, but I'd have to sell my entire collection to do so!
  5. Thx- and no, oh no - I have no intention what so ever of leaving any of my bags on the ground, I was just wondering how durable is is:smile:
  6. Get it, Get it, Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suhali lockit in verone is gorgeous! I have one and I love it. IMO it's easy to get in and out, not really heavy. My SA tell me not to worry about rain and that I can use a wet rag to remove dirt.
  7. Yes it did, thx - so you can take it out in rain without it getting stains? I have 6 Mulberry bags and they will stain if I take them out in (heavy) rain...
  8. Oh thx so much, the answer I was waiting for!:tup: I will go see it irl. Can I ask you to post a model pic so I can see the size?
  9. I can afford it if I save for a while. Its just my "mental barriere" of the price I need to pass:p
  10. some modeling pics... I'm 5.2
    suhalilockitpmverone2.jpg suhalilockitpmverone3.jpg suhalilockitpmverone.jpg suhalilockitpmverone1.jpg
  11. Suhali is very durable, plus it's GORGEOUS!
  12. I'm thinking of getting one, but can't decide whether to go with verone or blue. Anyway, this bag is absolutely gorgeous.
  13. Perfect - I´m about 5.3 so it shows really good! Thx so much, its so beautiful! :nuts: