1. Hi everyone, i'm a newbie and i need some help...quick!! I'm going to the LV cocktail party in Melbourne next week and i can't decide which bag to buy. I love both the Suhali and Damier lines. If anyone has these bags, please let me know what you think. My only concern with the Suhali Lockit is that it looks a little similar to the Hermes Birkin. What do you guys think?
  2. Get Suhali, to me there's no comparison! Damier is canvas with screen printed details. Suhali is smooth goat leather.
  3. Suhali hands down. it's the most elegant line
  4. Suhali!!
  5. Trevi
  6. Suhali!
  7. Suhali!
  8. Suhali:love:

    you don't like the birkin?
  9. Suhali, I find the Trevi to be small although I do adore the style.
  10. Two bags I'm dying to get. To be honest I think that the Suhali is prettier. But I dont think you could go wrong with either. Good luck deciding!!
  11. suhali will be my choice in this case.
  12. Suhali would be my first choice, but the Trevi is a close second though.
  13. suhali in a heartbeat!
  14. I'd choose Suhali over Damier anyday.
  15. Looks like i'll be getting the Suhali :yahoo: Oh boy, my credit card is not going to like this...:nogood:

    Next question is...what colour?? I really like the verone colour but do you ladies think it's practical? Would it go with most outfits?