Suhali Lockit PM Question from a LV Newbie

  1. I searched and I couldn't find the answer to this one-sorry if it's been asked before:

    Can a Suhali Lockit PM be worn over the shoulder?

    Thank you!
  2. The Suhali Lockit PM is a handheld bag, the handles are too short to wear it on the shoulder.
  3. Thank you!
  4. It's definitely better looking handheld, but I can fit it over my shoulder if necessary. It's not *that* uncomfortable, but the base is so wide that it's really not the best look.
  5. Thanks halocom!

    I would be super grateful if someone could post a full length picture of their Suhali Lockit PM or MM on their shoulder....

    The black Suhali Lockit is one of the most beautiful black bags I've ever seen.....:smile:
  6. nope its a handheld bag!

  7. Thanks Bag Fetish-

    It looks like it could fit under the arm, but would look awkward. I am going to go try them on tomorrow. :smile:

    If anyone knows of a full length shot of someone with the MM on their shoulder, maybe they could post a link?
  8. I have the PM and can wear it on my shoulder comfortably....this is why I ADORE this bag:heart:
  9. You must be a tiny person! :smile:
  10. Cecelia2 - here's a pic of the PM on my shoulder. Please excuse my jogging clothes and messy kitchen (I'm cleaning this weekend, honest!). Won't fit over my winter coats and it can be awkward because of the wide base, but for the most part it's nice to have the option of being hands-free if necessary. HTH a bit!
    suhali pm_shoulder.JPG
  11. Thank you everyone!

    Halocom-Thank you so much for taking and posting that picture! I haven't made up my mind yet, but when I do I will post pics.
  12. If anyone else has questions about the Suhali PM on the shoulder.....

    I am quite tall ...slim but broad shouldered. I tried it on and although it went over my shoulder it was really snug. It looks elegant on Halocom's petite frame...on me it just looked awkward.
  13. So pretty!! Would lov to know how the white leather holds up against dirt, etc. Congrats!