suhali lockit PM or mizi in black??

  1. Hi all,
    I'm on the hunt for a new black bag, and I'd love your input. I'm considering the black suhali lockit PM, and the black vienna mizi (or the purple or green would be OK too, since they're still mainly black). Of course, the mizi is no longer available, so I'd have to wait and stalk eBay, Let-Trade, etc.
    Any preferences or advice? Recommendations?
    Thanks a bunch!
  2. I :heart: :heart: :heart: the suhali lockit!! So that is what I would choose!
  3. I love the suhali lockit, I would def get that one.
  4. I would get the mono vienna Mizi as it is quite hard to locate and then the suhali lockit pm:graucho: I have the lockit pm in white and love it:heart:
  5. black suhali lockit PM
  6. I'd go for the Mizi Vienna :yes:
  7. Suhali Lockit PM is more classic!
  8. I'd get the suhali lockit!
  9. Suhali lockit is a great looking bag! The leather on a lockit (goat) is not as fragile as on mizi vienna (lamb). Plus, it's easier to get into the lockit vs vienna (don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my mizi vienna!:nuts::love:). Lockit would make a great every day bag.:yes:
  10. The "instant gratification" side of me wants to get the lockit PM because I could have it right away, and we all know how hard it is to wait when you want a bag!
    I guess the ultimate question is which one is more practical and timeless? Thanks for the advice. Keep it coming, please!!
  11. I have the lockit and think it is a great bag which you can use frequently but as H-Addict posted due to the lambskin on the mizi you would have to be more careful with it:yes:
  12. the Suhali Lockit is definitely more practical, but it'll be around for a while. how about hunting for a Vienna Mizi first. if after a month and you're still Mizi-less, go for the Lockit!
  13. i'd get the Mizi Vienna first, because it's much rarer, and the Suhali Lockit will always be around, or at least for a while
  14. I just had to look and see what bag is what! I couldnt find the mizi so i say suhali
  15.'s just so gorgeous! :heart: