Suhali Lockit PM blue - OMG!

  1. I went to the LV store this saturday to see the Suhali Lockit PM irl. I had my eyes set on it in verone, but had to see it in blue as well ever since I saw it here. And OMG! was it TDF or what?? :nuts:The minute I held it in front of the mirror it spoke to me - so beautiful and different yet versatile. I had jeans and my red coat and I didn´t think it would go with red, but it did. The SA told me I had picked out the two most beautiful colours - the verone was beautiful too, but the blue, omg... I must have it, but it is sooo expensive! How can I justify spending that much on one bag?? My BF said "then you´ll buy two bags this year instead of three" - gotta love his way of thinking:wlae:

    I can´t shut up about it... now he thinks I talk too much about bags...

    I have to have it... :heart: Anybody else know the feeling??
  2. Yes I know exactly how you feel. Once I see something I really love, I have to have it. I really like the blue color the best, it is really pretty IRL :smile:
  3. I totally know how you feel! I got the blue lockit PM and i love it , I think the colour goes great with bright colours and pops against dark colours, Are you going to get it then ? :graucho:
  4. I totally know how you feel! And I think you should get it, that blue is simply TDF!
  5. Oh I'm very familiar with that feeling! If it spoke to you then by golly go buy it! lol! It is gorgeous!
  6. u gals are so lucky to have such a GORGEOUS bag to die for..:drool:
  7. I know exactly how you feel. Hope you can buy it because it's a gorgeous bag.
  8. i've never care much for suhali lockit pm until i held it in front of the mirror -> so ya i know the feeling definitely :lol:. if my feeling sustain perhaps i'll get it next year :love:
  9. The blue is my favorite suhali color. I also saw the lockit the other day and I was in love... the color is gorgeous!!! Go get it!
  10. That blue is so unique, go for it.
  11. OMG, I get that feeling too often! Seriously though I know what you mean and that bag is stunning. I would get it, you won't regret it because it is so elegant and classic, it will never go out of style.
  12. Agreed!!! I get that feeling way too often!
  13. This bag called out your name loud and clear --- you MUST get it! LOL Otherwise, you will be besieged with obsessive dreams (or even nightmares that the bag is running after you!) until you get it. Whenever I get this same kind of feeling, I know I have to get it. Good luck!!! The blue Suhali Lockit is absolutely gorgeous!
  14. I know how you exactly feel... whenever I talk a bag all the time, my DH would ask me "is it the dream bag that you want?" Then I will shut up. Only because if i say so, then the next thing would be he brought one back home. So my problem is.... I have to make sure that is exactly what I want. hehe~~~
  15. i, too, find ways to justify big LV purchases. have you been a good girl? yes? okay, there's your reasoning :queen: