Suhali lockit PM black or white?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I LOVE the suhali lockit PM but I can't decide black or white.. which would you pick? and why?

    I really love the white but im afraid of it getting dirty and I might be hesistant to use it so it wont get dirty.. and once I get it dirty.. its gonna be hard to clean it..

    The black is nice because its hard to notice dirt and scratches as much then the white one BUT the gold stitching really looks neon yellow to me.. which I don't really like too much..

    I'm not too big of a fan of the verone color (just personal preference)

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. get the black because you dun have to worry so much about getting dirty...I like the white to but scare it will get dirty easily since i getting the GM size i would get the Sienne... or why not try blue there a new blue that juz came out nt long ?:tup:
  3. I love the way the white looks, but it will show EVERYTHING! I would go for the black!
  4. The impractical side of me says go white! I love the clean & fresh look of the white, but I would also worry about getting it dirty as I am very careful with my LVs and it makes me sad if anything happens to them. So since the black is such a stunning alternative, I would vote for the black. Sorry for the long explanation!
  5. I agree.. the white is REALLY nice.. i love the color.. but im afraid of it getting dirty.. :sweatdrop:
  6. black! i agree with nathaniel sienna or blue may be great too :yes:.
  7. I would get the black because white gets dirty too easily
  8. yea.. the black is harder to notice the dirt.. but is it just me but the gold stitching looks 'really' yellow.. or am i just being too paranoid? Thanks so much for all of your feedback!
  9. BLAAAAAAAAACK! won't get dirty and I think it looks nicer...
  10. The white is gorgeous!! My friend has it in white and it is really to maintain. One SA told me once that someone had spilled hairdye all over a white suhali bag. She was able to get all of the dye off! i don't know how but it happened!
  11. White, classy and understated.
  12. I have a white PM now for over a year or so and never have had any issues with it becoming dirty etc ...I adore white suhali:love:
  13. Choosing between two equally beautiful things is just wrong - get both! :p
  14. ^^^ i agree! both are so timeless and classy!
  15. black