Suhali Lockit MM or PM?

  1. im getting mum a black Suhali Lockit for Christmas.... but i need recs for which size to get. i've only seen the MM in real life. they have very limited stock of these bags here in Oz, which is why im ordering one this early.

    so here's the thing, mum's already got 2 Almas (Epi and s/o vachetta) which i've been told has similar dimensions as the Lockit PM. but the Alma's capacity is a bit small for her things sometimes, especially when she's travelling. but i feel the MM might be a bit too big as an everyday bag especially on her - she's only 5ft4in (with heels). plus the $400 price difference can go to an additional small accessory of some sort.

    if any of you lovely ladies and gents (you never know!) have seen both side-by-side or own/have owned a Suhali Lockit.... which size would be the safest bet?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. The MM is pretty big. I usually like bigger bags, but this the one time I like the PM better. I def. think the MM will be too big on her.

    What a nice gift! It's on my Christmas list, too ;)
  3. :nuts: Awww that is sooo sweet:girlsigh:. I just saw the Black one side by side on the weekend and the size difference is huge but the price difference is not:graucho: .The yellow stitching on the black is awesome. Since you mentioned that the Alma is a bit small for her I reckon the MM will be a good size for her:yes:. Shalom has the PM....I'm sure she'll give you her opinion;)
  4. hehe .. he is really purchasing the MM for ME:nuts: I vote for the PM as I am a lot taller than your Mother and the PM is a good size for me. When shall I be collecting my MM...the black is stunning;) Did you find out any more in regards to the suhali lockit supply???
  5. sure thing Shalom... as soon as you send me that Taiga Ivan i've been asking for :graucho: i haven't phoned my SA yet. but i will soon... i just need to know which one to ask for first ;)
  6. Ok ...we can swap bags;) I think the PM is a good choice .. the contrast stitching is a great feature....hmm maybe I should get the black PM:nuts:
  7. deal! although my Ivan is about $500 cheaper... not fair :smash:

    you already have one.... let me get mum's Lockit first! :P
  8. I agree the PM would suit your small mother better.. that, and it's just sooo pretty!

    I like your idea of using the extra money towards an accessory!
  9. I've a MM Lockit in Sienne and absolutely love it! I can fit a PTI, 2 glasses cases, agenda pm, cles, anne-sophie in there with room to spare.
    I'm 5'8" tall, though, and am a big bag gal. My only concern is that it could be too large for her proportionally?
    Why not order both...give her the MM and ask LV to hold a PM for you in case you need to exchange? I did that myself at Collins St LV and they were only too happy to oblige ;)
  10. i'm pretty sure they won't mind reserving the other bag for me for a few days. they're pretty good with such requests. the thing is, mum's in Canberra and it's meant to be a Christmas present.