Suhali Lockit MM or PM or GM

  1. Which one do you think is best? Suhali Lockit MM, PM or GM?

    I'm thinking either black or white.. Thanks!
  2. I have the black PM and I love it ... it's the smallest size, so it really depends how much stuff you carry. The MM is not too bad, but the GM is ginormous imo.
  3. is the material durable? or is the epi more durable?
  4. I think it depends on how much stuff you need to carry and your own height/size.
    I'm going to get myself the PM size very soon so I'd vote for this one, but this is only cuz I'm petite.

    As for durability, I'd tend to think that epi is more durable cuz it has some tough coating on it that makes it waterproof and semi-unscratchable.
  5. thanks!

    yea epi and the canvas might be more durable but it looks a little rough then smooth like the suhali.. :s

    I'm about 5'4 and 120 pounds so im thinking about the PM or MM so far..
  6. I love the PM. My mom has the white PM and it's beautiful!!! I find the PM is not all THAT small, it's a perfect size in my opinion. She's had it for about a year and it's still in great condition. If anything the leather has gotten softer and more gorgeous!
  7. size depends on what you want it for. If its a daily bag i say the PM.. and since you're in san fran you could use either color all year. Personally i'd go for the black, just less worry.
  8. alrighty, hmmm.... then what do you plan to use it for? everyday bag, work bag, going out bag? cuz that'll help you decide how much stuff you plan to put in there and then voila! you'll be able to decide between the PM or MM! lol OR, go check it out at the boutique to try it on IRL.
  9. double post...
  10. sorry for the double post..

    most likely for everyday and maybe for going out sometimes as well.. so im gearing more towards the PM now (thanks for all of your help!).. just debating black or white..
  11. I like the black more, it's a really "rich" looking black (I don't mean wealthy black lol, more of like very saturated/highly pigmented...). Besides, if it's going to be for everyday, then no matter how resistant the Suhali leather is or how well you try to take care of it, white WILL get dirty much easier.
  12. I think the new holiday collection silver metallic Suhali lockit is really nice too.. but maybe black is more "everyday"
  13. I prefer the white over the black. I think it's classy and can be dressed up or down very well. I personally don't really care for the black with all the gold hardware (I wish it were silver hardware...), but I think it looks great with the white or the Verone.

  14. yea the white is nice and elegant looking but im afraid of it getting dirty easier then the black one..
  15. I have the white PM and it is my fav bag .... it is a good size and holds a lot more than you think. I tried on the MM and found it did not sit right on my shoulder ..I adore the verone colour ...what about the blue as it is LE:yes: