suhali lockit gm

  1. does anyone have the suhali lockit gm and if so do you love it? is it comfortable to wear over the shoulder and is it too luggage like over the shoulder? i am dying for one so any help would be wonderful. thanks.
  2. I have the medium size and I think its great. I never looked IRL at the GM it just looked too big based on the measurements. The MM size is perfect, I have the large agenda and it fits in there perfectly. I carried it on my shoulder too and its okay! The bag is beautiful in IRL, its just amazing! I call it my professional work bag b/c its classy chic!
  3. I don't have it, but the Suhali Lockit is gorgeous! I love it in black, so chic!
  4. the GM is big. BIG. like travel-size big. i had a friend who tried it on in the store and asked what i thought, and the first thing i said was, "are you going somewhere?"
  5. Stunning bag, but I agree..Its kinda big.
  6. I don't have one, but I want one! ;)
  7. I love this bag!! I am looking into getting one soon and I tried on all of them in the store. I felt the GM was wayyy too big. I am really petite and the pm size fits over my shoulder. I saw someone else in the store try on the MM and it looked much better than the GM. I say go with the MM! I love the bag and let us know what you decide!
  8. the GM is not that big it fits all the essentials like if you carry you'r BV as a every day bag it shouldn't be strange to carry the GM an suhali leather is exquisite...
  9. I love the GM in black too....I have the PM and it meets my needs ... I would like a MM in verone:love:
  10. Maybe the MM would be a better size.

    It's a stunning bag though!! :drool:
  11. i going to get one soon in GM size a black one !!!:smile: