Suhali Lockit GM for $1999 - modeling pics?

  1. Looks likes it is in great shape!!!
  2. That's gorgeous!!!! Go for it!
  3. I say go for it. I searched this visual aids thread and there are no pics of the GM. But if you end up not liking it you could easily make your money back.
  4. The corners look kinda beat up for me. For $2k, i'd want it to be perfect, but that's just me.
  5. Wow, go for it!!! Looks like its in great shape!!!
  6. I agree, sometimes you can find the suhali lockit pm brand new or barely used for $2k but in perfect condition!
  7. pro shopper is right. ive seen one go for 1700 in immaculate condition. i would have bought it but i forgot the listing was about to end.
  8. I was looking at that one too and what turned me off was the corners and that the other listing they have has the same pics and more money so I wasn't all that sure.
  9. Thanks ladies. I will hold out for a better bag at a lower price.