Suhali lockit color - help me decide...

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  1. I have always thought that one day I would love a Suhali lockit - probably in ivory as I love white bags (have 2 epi ivory bags). But it just may look to upscale and classy for my lifestyle in the white.
    Since I was told by my SA there is an increase on the 21st I started convincing myself that if I am to get one - why not now - why wait - I'll only be paying more if I put it off.
    So anyway if I take the plunge, what color - like I said I always loved the ivory - but I do have an ivory speedy and passy. I really like the new verone color - a light color - but still different.
    But then I was thinking, why not the blue - it would be great with jeans, ivory thing that always kept me away from the lockit was it was maybe a little too staid and elegant for my lifestyle but in blue it may just bring it down a notch or two so that it was a bit edgier. I am just afraid that the blue may have a limited life cycle and the suhali lockit is probably one bag I wouldn't buy again - so I don't want to tire of the color - or have it go out of style(colorwise). So maybe in the verone - and it would not look "dated" in a few years.
    Sorry this is so long - but wanted to explain my thinking.
    So in short, white, verone or blue.
  2. hmm. you can't go wrong with any of the colors, they're all gorgeous. i like the white the most but if you already have a lot of ivory-colored bags, then i'd guess i'd go with the blue.
  3. I have the blue lockit PM and i really love it , It goes with alot and honestly i don't think the blue will look dated.. It's just a colour! & the style is classic so since you already have ivory coloured bags i think you should go for the Blue!
  4. As of now White and Blue Suhali Lockit is my favorite :nuts: And KaiieCHANEL's Blue Suhali Lockit PM is so so gorgeous :nuts:
  5. i love it in classic black and it goes just with everything!
  6. get the white or veyron since you like light colored bags...
  7. the blue is so pretty!
  8. I would say BLUE! I'm picking mine Blue MM on Thursday! :yahoo:
  9. Hi eveg
    I would definitely recommend the verone...My mother has it and can wear it with almost everything, from black heels to brown suede loafers and it's just amazing. Blue I think is difficult. I have a blue men's day balenciaga and I had to buy loafers to go with that bag. But you women have many more shoes so pass that. The ivoire I think is too susceptible to getting dirty and quite summer color.
    Good luck choosing...all of them are just beyond words.
  10. I like Verone's very different!!!
  11. I vote for Blue if you are young, or Verone or black if you are older.
  12. Blue is perfection on the Suhali Lockit. :love:
  13. I would go for the Verone! Such a beautiful color!
  14. Since you already own the epi ivories..I say go for Verone. A neutral color that will go with anything.
  15. Verone! I have it and I love it, it's such a great color and the bag is TDF!!!!!!