Suhali Lockit and Epi Passy: What's your experience?

  1. Can anyone tell me why is the Suhali leather so expensive compared to say, Epi? What is so special? Also, for those of you who have the Suhali Lockit, can you tell me if the smooth part of the leather scratches easily? I'm really worried about that given how expensive the bag is, but I'm in love with the brown Suhali Lockit (not sure whcih size yet). Does anyone know if the brown is a permanent line or just this season? I would really appreciate any feedback on your experience with this bag.

    I'm also considering the Epi Passy, they do look similar somewhat and the price is a lot lower than the Suhali lockit. Again, I'm worried abt the scratches to the smooth bit.

    Please share with me your experiences and opinions of either bags. Thanks so much.:smile:
  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Epi! Such a durable leather. I tried the GM, but it was way too big for me. Would've bought the PM if you could put it on the shoulder.

    I think there's some threads that talk about the lockit and the wearibility.
  3. the suhali is goat leather /not coated. It will scratch with rough use. It doesnt matter what you buy in the suhali line you're going to pay a premium for it because of the quality of goat leather being used.
  4. omg. i was considering the same two bags as a present to my mum! what a coincidence.

    suhali is made out of goat leather and thats why its more expensive (hermes is the same, you pay a premuim for goat leather). goat leather is more durable than normal calfskin. but i don't know about the smooth part - i only know about the grained part of the bag.

    epi is i guess treated cowhide? obviously cheaper because of the material but epi leather is very durable leather that doesn't scratch much.

    personally, epi leather gives me the plastic-y feeling so i prefer the suhali. much softer texture and so i'm hoping it will become a little supple with usage. i'm leaning towards the suhali (as long as my mum likes it). let me know what you get!
  5. Thanks GTOFan and Bag Fetish and Junior Mints, I have searched for the threads on the Suhali lockit and many owners have mentioned abt how durable it is, esp since the leather is textured for suhali, but I'm worried abt the smooth bit, so am trying to get more info.

    btw, what's the weight of the bag like? I heard that the passy can get quite heavy, how abt the Lockit?
  6. hi muppy. i don't own any epi or suhali items but the epi passy is my long term goal. the epi passy, when empty, isn't heavy at all. definitely lighter than the manhattan pm IMO. i think the smooth part of the leather might scratch easily but if you're careful, it won't be that bad. i heard someone said that the top of epi passy tends to crease if you hook (the one at the top) the bag. i have never experienced it so i don't know... hope this helps!
  7. I have the suhali white lockit PM and love it:wlae: I haven't had any issues with the top part of it scratching and I don't 'baby' it at all ...I did try the passy pm (which is a great style) but passed on it due to the open top. I like how you can zip the lockit up. In regards to the weight .. the suhali lockit is a LOT more lighter than my other suhali bags. I am thinking of getting a suhali MM lockit or nomade vertical lockit:shame:
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