Suhali L'ingenieux PM

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  1. Hmmm.... both colors are great, but I love blue more!

    $3,100 is worth it for such a beautiful bag!
  2. I vote for Blue as well!!! LOVE this bag! I think it's worth the price tag!:yes:
  3. I love, love, LOVE the Blue.
  4. I agree! The blue looks lovely :love: This is one of my all time favorite bags!
  5. blue; beautiful and worth it!
  6. I love the blue!
  7. WHITE! lol

    Worth it? I'd personally save the money for an Hermes Kelly lol but if you love it, then go for it! :biggrin:
  8. There's a blue one on Let-Trade right now!!!
  9. Blue, so gorgeous!
  10. In considering this bag style, maybe black would look too much like a doctor's satchel? OK, so I guess I would suggest white. It's timeless and goes with everything. But the blue really is pretty! Oh this difficult decisions we are faced with! :p

    But I think you'll be thrilled with whatever color you choose. It's so hard to go wrong with LV!! I'm excited for you!!

  11. Did you get the one on Let-trade?? It's gone now. I hope you did! I would go for the blue!
  12. i like the blue!
  13. I :heart: the white one!

    and 'worth' in a LV forum?? of course majority would say its worth it!!:upsidedown:
  14. The white! I've got white suhalis and I love them!