Suhali L'Ingénieux PM Plum Question?

  1. I was at LV SF today and an SA informed me that the L'Ingénieux was never available in Plum--is this true? does anyone know if this was a limited color and if so, when it was available?

  2. I think I've seen it in plum before...I'm pretty sure. Can anyone confirm?
  3. I have one. They were avaiable but discontinued already.
  4. thanks so much garf13ld! do you remember when it was available? do you have a visual reference?:drool:
  5. You're welcome uhkiwi. My friend bought it for me last February from Berlin. I don't have a digital camera but I will ask my friend to help me take some pics.
  6. Yup, they were defn available in plum! Hmm...your SA should do her homework first before confirming things like that with you.
  7. Some SA's talk about things they DON'T know about! You should really ask a manager about items like that!