suhali line- white?

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  1. Has anyone seen the colour IRL? Is the colour truely supposed to be white or is it cream? I saw a woman with a cream le fabuleux today. I wouldn't call it off-white more like magnolia.

    Being the busy-body that I am I wanted to ask her if it was real but my friend dragged me away so I didn't have the chance.
  2. Saw it the other day...gorgeous color! Not a bright white, more creamy.
  3. so it must have been real then. i agree was v. beautiful
  4. It is not a pure white more like a winter white...It is a beautiful color!
  5. That is some collection in your avatar LVLover. Gorgeous. It is my favorite LV line by far.
  6. The Suhali is so beautiful! Some day.........:girlsigh:
  7. LVlover: Are those all your Le Fabuleux in your avatar?

    Jaw has just dropped to floor. Amazing collection you got there. Which colour do you like the best. Is the black nice?
  8. It's not off-white/bright-white but my suhali white is changing a little yellowish after daily use :cry: