Suhali line durability question

  1. Hopefully I already know the answer to this question, considering the expense of this line, but I'll ask anyway: LV Damier canvas and Epi leather bags are legendary for their durability. What about the Suhali leather line? Do they wear well? If I am going to spend that kind of money for a bag, I want it to last!! :biggrin:
  2. it's pretty durable, probably because of the grain of the leather :yes:
    i've used my L'Epanoui GM a few times now and it's survived everything so far
  3. The only issue I have is with the lining and I find I have to be careful with the lighter coloured lining.
  4. Good question! I, too, would like to hear the pros and cons of this gorgeous line.
  5. I've used my plum Le Talentueux quite a fews times, and it looks as good as new.
  6. LV SAs told me that it's made out of one of the toughest leathers (Scottish goat) out there.
  7. For that price, it better be! LOL! It looks very durable to me.....I hope to own one someday. I've only seen one in person at the boutique.
  8. I love the suhali line, so chic!
  9. what about the smooth area of the suhali leather? The suhali passy has quite a large area which is of smooth leather, does it scratch easily? I'm thinking of using it as a work bag, so it needs to withstand lotsa abuse! thanks
  10. I have the In'genieux and carried it a few's holding up well and no visible scratches so far...
  11. The leather received a special treatment to be then protected against the dirt. Even the white color is super resistant, it will keep his color even after the rain or after having carrying the bag for a long time. It's a high quality thick leather.
  12. I thought the Passy only comes in Epi leather, not Suhali? If that is the case, I'll answer muppy's question: Epi is virtually indestructible, although I admit I myself would be concerned about the smooth area on the top edge of the Passy bags. Several PFers have the Passy; muppy, I suggest you repost this question under its own heading, like "Passy durability question" or something like that, to attract some useful insight.
  13. Good to hear about the suhali, I looking forward to my first for xmas!
  14. oops , i think i may have made a mistake.. i meant the suhali lockit, thanks Gibbs2424, the passy is the other one that i am considering as well :smile:
  15. it's good to hear that the suhali line is durable. does anyone here own suhali wallet? i like the zipped wallet and just started looking at it last night. i do notice silver hardware on the brown and gold hardware on black and ivory.