Suhali L'impeteux DILEMMA! PLEASE HELP!

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    I bought this black Suhali L'impeteux for mom's birthday awhile ago. I don't know if you guys have seen it in real, it is just simply breath-taking. I really like the Le Fabuleux too but I think this is one is just as nice. The details are stunning.:tup:

    However, my mom has not been using this bag at all these days since then. I think this style has now been discontinued (correct me if I am wrong) and I am thinking of selling it for her. The story is: mom doesn't really bother as long as it will fetch good $$dosh$$ for funding towards her next purchase. I think it's little sad to let it go because it is quite meaningful but I think at the same time there is no point of seeing it in the closet in its dustcover while someone can cherish and love this gorgeous bag. Can you guys help me out here?:confused1:
  2. Well if she isn't using it at all anymore, I think that selling it is the best choice. The money could definitely go towards the sexy Le Fab or or Trevi PM? :nuts:
  3. She is thinking of buying a bag from the S/S 08 or a Chanel 2.55. Does anyone know how much they are gonna be?
  4. I don't think even Chanel knows yet. With the crazy increases they've been having, it's a wild guess. For sure, it will not be *less* than what this season's bags were though.