Suhali -Le Talentueux

  1. I was wondering if anyone has this bag? I'm dying for it! But don't think I can get it for atleast another few months (hopefully by early summer!) Unless I can get a good deal on it.
    I've seen it IRL & I fell in love with it (in black)
    I just wanted to know where (if any place) I can find it beside's eLuxury? I've tried eBay but it's hard to find in black. And I don't now of any other sites that carry legit LV. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

    (if I've posted this in the wrong spot, I apologize!)

    -Noha =)
  2. yes, I am somewhat obsessed with L'Épanoui GM in white.

    I don't see them anywhere but the LV boutique, not sure if they show up on eBay and such.

    Does anyone know the history of this line like when it bagan, great bags limited edition, etc?
  3. Michelle1025 has it in black... she posted pics awhile back. i really like this bag too... but i want one in white. won't be getting one for awhile, since i just bought another bag.
  4. Ohhhh, it's beautiful!! I don't know how I could have missed that listing! And for the price, what a deal!!!!!

    Congrat's & enjoy it!!!

    -Noha =)
  5. It's a beautiful bag and on my wishlist too! I will save up and purchase it new because I have a weird phobia about not-new-to-me bags.
  6. I was going to save up and buy her brand new, but it is so expensive and other little purchases kept getting in the way. So I bougt a cream vernis Reade PM on ebay with the help of the authentication thread and honestly it looks like it had only been carried a few times and when you consider the difference in price I thought I can get more bag for my buck..

    I hope I don't regret buying this Le Tal 2nd hand and I hope when it arrived it looks as good as it does in the pics..Fingers crossed..
  7. You know, I feel the same way. But if I can be a million percent sure it's real at a cheaper price, I'll go for it!
    Otherwise it'll take me months to come up with the cash for that!!! Lol
  8. I have one in plum. It's one of my favorite bags!

  9. Here's a picture of me and my Le Tal:


    I love this bag. I want to get another one in white soon.
  10. It looks gorgeous on you Michelle. How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking?
  11. This bag is definetly on my wishlist too!
  12. It looks gorgeous with your business outfit! :love:
  13. Thats a beautiful bag

  14. Don't mind at all, I'm five foot three.