Suhali Le Talentueux or Le Fabuleux


If you can choose either one, which one would you pick?

  1. Suhali Le Tal

  2. Suhali Le Fab

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  1. If you choose either one.. which would you pick?
  2. The Le Fab is my "holy grail" LV bag! I recently started a CD to start saving for it; I estimate it will be mine in about 5 years. LOL..........
    The Tal is very pretty, but for the amount of money, I think I want the most bang for my buck and in my opinion, the Le Fab is it!
  3. Le fab. the le tal is beautiful but if your going to do Suhali, go with the BEST of the BEST
  4. Definitely Le fab ... my dream LV bag!
  5. The Le Fab is my Holy Grail bag also. The last time I was in the boutique, I tried it on in in several colors. They were all stunning, and I haven't been able to get that bag out of my mind since. If the reported 5% price increase after Christmas happens, that would bring the price up to 4042.50. Plus, the sales tax where I live is 8.25%. That would bring it up to $4376. :wtf: I am seriously wondering if I should consider looking on eBay.
  6. I too vote for Le Fab! IMO it's the best Suhali bag
  7. I have both, but I prefer the Le Tal. More comfortable to carry and it's the perfect size for my daily needs.
  8. I am the minority...I prefer Le Tal.
  9. I love both!
  10. Le Talentueux
    I used to like Le Fabuleux but I think it was cuz the bag's a lil hiked up by everyone else.... so I vote for Le Tal cuz I'm a lil biased since I have it (in black)
  11. the only thing is that Le Fabuleux holds more stuff then Le Tal (IMO).. but it costs more.. both are so gorgeous!!
  12. ^True... but le Fab does not really fit in folders and documents very well so it's not very useful for me cuz I don't have *THAT* much or other BIG accessories to put into the bag other than these folders.

    what are you planning to put in it, just out of curiosity?
  13. Well my everyday bag right now is the Monogram Canvas Batignolles Horizontal so it is quite big that fits a lot of stuff (Even though I never stuff it full ever).. I like the Le Tal also but I'm not used to a "flap" bag if that makes sense.. even though the Le Fab has a flap also.. but not completely covered.. for easier access.. but its much more boxy.. :shrugs:
  14. Le Fab is my "all time favourite" bag in Suhali....
    IMO I think Le Fab is more practical for everyday bag.... u might enjoy same as your Batignolles as they're similar size...

    Le Tal is more like a going out bag? since you can't put much stuff in it
    it is more elegant than the Le Fab, and cost alot lesser...

    Have you consider the L'ing as well? personally
  15. Le Fab is stunning.:love: If you want a smaller bag, I would go for Le Confident instead of Le Tal.