Suhali Le Fabuleux

  1. I have just fallen in love with this bag...:love:

    Is this heavy or cumbersome to carry?

    The only LV I own is the anthracite Olympe Stratus (the large one) and I love it. This bag has caught my eye and I would love to learn more about it! Is it sold out in LV stores? Is it possible to find for below retail?

    I like it in white as well... can anyone tell me if it's a true white, or more of an ivory white? White/Ivory bags usually frighten me; can this one be cleaned?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I have been in love with this bag forever! lol! i just haven't been in a rush to get it yet!

    This bag is from the Suhali line and its a permanent collection, this bag is generally never sold out its been around for a while. Also since it is priced in the higher price range, they are usually always at the boutique!

    Go on eBay because a lot of times you can find this bag basically in like new condition for way less! I have seen them listed for $1700 before!

    The white is beautiful and I have seen used white ones that look lovely with no marks and some with very few (you would have to be careful of course!) I would be worried if you wear a lot of jeans though because the color may rub onto the bag! Its white but a little off, KWIM? Not the super yellowy (old-looking) white but slightly off...

    the black one it just stunning! The black brings out the gold and its just amazing and something that you can keep in your closet for a long long time!

    I'm not fond of the verone color, it doesn't really make the gold hardware pop!
  3. i don't own it but I know I love it! Suhali Le Fab is my ultimate LV dream bag =)
  4. I looooove Suhali!!! The Fabuleux is stunning, especially in the black! Here's a good photo that shows it's exact color:

  5. MY sweet DH got me the white Suhali Le Fab for my birthday a couple of days ago --- and it is one gorgeous bag! Love, love, love it --- my ultimate dream bag!!! It is a bit heavy, though, especially when I have ALL my things in it, although I don't mind it at all. John's pic above really shows the true color of the white Le Fab --- it is so beautiful!
  6. I don't own this bag, but I probably will be getting it within the next couple months. In my opinion, it is a true classic. If you can, go to a boutique and try it on. It is somewhat large, but I honestly don't think it would be too heavy as long as you don't load it down with too much stuff. I tried it on in the LV store last month, and it instantly became my holy grail bag. All the colors are gorgeous, but for me, the black is absolutely TDF.
  7. It's a terribly beautiful bag... I love it but its totally out of my league for now.

    I love white, as well as verone! :tup:
  8. I love mine!
    Great bag!
    Looks stunning with everything and Easy to wear over the shoulder or handheld.
  9. This my ultimate dream LV bag in black. One day it will be mine.
  10. I would love to be able to afford it
  11. It's my LV dream bag ... an absolute must have for me, I love it in white ... so classy and timeless!
  12. though, me as a guy would be unable to pull it off, i am very tempted to dress in drag this halloween just to wear it. HAHAHA :lol:
  13. For me, it is THE ultimate bag. Classy and timeless. White is so beautiful. If you ever get the chance to own one you will not regret it.
  14. it's my dream bag, but bf doesnt like it, he said it's too big for me and looks too boxy.. it's heavy n i still want it though, but never buy one coz of my bf..
  15. haha time for a new j/k

    I probably would get a new bf though just to get this bag! I love it so screw you! lol!