Suhali Le Fabuleux ... which color?


Which color do you think is better for everyday casual lifestyle?

  1. suhali le fab in black

  2. suhali le fab in verone

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  1. I've always wanted this bag,:love:le fab:love: and I've been kicking myself for not buying it when it was a few hundred dollars cheaper when it first came out ... I like the black ... but the verone kinda looks good too, I think:s ... I wear mostly juicy couture velour sets and jeans, really very casual ... which do you think the le fab looks better in ... black or verone?

    I'd also love to hear positive and negative things about this bag:tup:or:tdown:

    As always TIA:flowers:
  2. I'm a HUGE fan of the VERONE, that's my pick! :smile:
  3. Suhali in black looks SOOOO much sexier and stands out more IMO. :yes:
  4. if u are on the casual side i'd suggest either Verone or White in Le Fab! Have u try on the colors in store yet?
  5. Black Le Fabs are stunning! The gold really stands out
  6. i love the Verone, but in this case i think the black would be better for you. it goes with everything, whether dressy or casual
  7. I love the new verone color, but I would go with basic black. It looks so chic in this bag!!
  8. yes I have ... I'd be too scared to use the white for fear of getting it dirty, same with the verone too really.
  9. I adore the Le Fab in white! But between the black and the Verone.. I would go with black!
  10. verone:drool:
  11. the only negative thing about this bag is the PRICE!!
  12. yeah, don't remind me ... lol!

    but I think she's worth it! let's see, if use her everyday for a year, it'll only cost me $11.62 a day ... so not bad, right?
  13. I have a Le Fab in Plume its a great bag, you will have it forever. An investment piece. I would go for the Black personally. I think its more classic. I would get tired of the verone I think.....let us know what you decide!!
  14. The verone is such an unusual color, but I would prolly go with the black.
  15. Black! I have one and love it!