Suhali Le Fabuleux in white???

  1. To those of you who own a Suhali Le Fabuleux in white, and to anyone else who has an opinion on this~~Do you think this is a year-round bag?
    I have not seen the white in person. The color seems to be an off-white, so I am wondering if that would enable it to be carried during all seasons. I live in Florida where it is always hot--we really don't have a winter, but I still never wear white shoes or stark white pants after Labor Day.
    I think this bag is gorgeous in white, but I don't want to spend that much on a bag which I wouldn't be able to carry come September. I like Le Fab in Blue also. What do you all think--appropriate?--yay or nay? :?:
  2. [​IMG]

    I Live in Florida also and have a white lefab... YOU CAN WEAR IT ALL YEAR is not a bright white like the background of the white is more like a off white...
  3. the Le Fabuleux is absolutely beautiful :love::love::love::love:! i'd buy it if i didn't already spend so much in the last month :shame: the white is such a classic color, and to me it's the best color for the Suhali line. and yes it's a tiny bit off-white, but you can use it all year round. i have the L'Epanoui GM in white, and i think i'll be using it in December.
  4. VIPStyle~~Thanks for the picture. It's so gorgeous in white! It IS a great bag for Florida, isn't it?!

    Yeuxhonnetes~~I'm so glad that you kept your L'Epanoui--it's SO much better than two other ordinary bags!
  5. yes it is a GREAT bag...
    Glad I could help
  6. I love the white leFab, it's so glam! If I had the cash I'd definatly get one. However, back to the issue. I think that as long as you are careful with it then you can carry it all year. I live in a country with long winter and lots of snow, and my personal experience is that it doesn't really make a difference as long as I keep my things away from the snow and avoid snowfall/rain. And since I don't own a LeFab I can't say this 100%, but it looks to me that maybe you can remove potential dirt with a damp cloth or something like that if it happened to get dirty.
  7. Yes, I would say you can wear it all year long!! Definitely get this purse! :biggrin::heart:
  8. I bet you could use it in the winter,but you may not want to carry such a light colored bag in the winter depending on where you live. I tend to prefer black, brown, caramel, reds, etc. in the winter. Not light colors.
  9. I prefer the Ingenieux
  10. If I have a bag that gorgeous, I'd carry it EVERYWHERE! :P
  11. Definately think it's a year round bag as it's more of a creamy white (like winter white) as opposed to a bright white like the MC
  12. Pink, I have the white Le Fab and I spend a lot of time in FL. I got the bag back in Dec and carried it in FL winter. I think it's a bag you can carry any time of the year. Someone on this forum even carried it on a snowy day with a cute white sweater.

    VIPStyle, i really like your charm. Is it from LV?
  13. The white is gorgeous. It makes me drool and have sleepless nights. Definitely year round bag!
  14. VIPStyle, i really like your charm. Is it from LV?

    Thank You
    No its Juicy Couture charm...I don't think they sell it anymore..You have to look on ebay for it...