Suhali Le Fabu in PLUM, is it HOT?

  1. My friend offered to purch. her, she said almost new & ask for $2055, actually, the price here for Suhali pieces are higher than eBay :s

    What do you think, I ever had Suhali Plum in L'Ingenieux PM, Le Talentueux ( recenly I own Plum Slingback Pumps and won L'Aimable ) but never had in Le Fabu nor L'Impre.

    Should I grab it or just pass it? :shrugs:

    Ooh, I'm 22 years old ( I ever heard someone said that Plum for older women ) :confused1:
  2. I say if you love it and have the funds go for it! I would hate for you to regret passing something up.

    BTW, no age range for LV's! :cool:
  3. Definitely get it, it's a gorgeous colour :yes:
  4. What do you think about the price? I purch. my Blue & White Le Fabu not more than that amount...
  5. I think you should go for it.
  6. if it's something you really love, go buy it. what would you regret more, buying it at that price or not having it?
  7. Oohh, I'm so confuse now, actually, my Suhali pieces aren't too complete again, I've sold Blue Le Tal, Blue L'Ingenieux, Plum L'Ingenieux, Plum Le Tal. Now, I own:
    - Blue Le Fabu
    -White Le Fabu
    - Blue L'Impre

    ( plus Plum L'Aimable if seller decide to sell to me :p )

    Do you think I can get Le Fabu geranium on eBay at such this price?
  8. can you work around the price a tad? if you can get it for under $2000 I would go for it, its a gorgeous color.
  9. I agree with you, LVobsessed415 :smile: actually, I'm looking for below $2000 coz I got my Blue not more than $2000, thanks for everyone :heart: