Suhali, Le Fab or L'epanoui pm

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  1. Looking for a dressy bag, which would you get and why?

  2. I Like the style of the Le Fab in black or white the best, I think its shape gives it a very dressy feel/look!

    GL deciding BF
  3. I like the Le Fab.......I think the lines are very clean and the studs give it just the right amount of pizzazz.
    The L'epanoui is very pretty, but I think the softness of the shape lends itself to a more casual look. Just my opinion, of course.
  4. I've got a le fab in black that I've had for, I don't know, 4 years (I got it when it was first released) in black. It still looks great.
  5. when i think dressy bag, i think a small bag so i would say L'epanoui PM. but then again.. it's more of an evening bag imo. the Le Fab could work for any dressy occasion.
  6. I prefer the Le Fab, just seems more elegant to me.
  7. I like the Le Fab much better.
  8. Le Fab.
  9. le fab all the way! its so gorgy. Le Superbe would be my second choice
  10. I'm not a fan of too much studs....between the two, I would go for Le Fab. What about Le Essential?? :smile:
  11. I have both and I am going to go against the flow here, I think l'epanoui pm would be a better evening bag, it is feminine enough to go with softer dresses yet sharp enough to go with edgy looks too, with pants etc. The le fab is still more suited for edgier looks I think. It all depends on your wardrobe I guess.
  12. I love LE FAB, I always have!
    Its the shape of the bag combined with the hardware and leather! Too me it just oozes sophisticated elegance!

    I was never a fan of L'epanoui PM, I don't like the shape...and I think its too small
  13. Between those two, Le Fab
  14. Le's classic Suhali to me.
  15. I prefer Le Fab ;)