Suhali Le Confident

  1. ooh, I didn't realize le Confident was on elux already! I haven't seen it in real life yet; I wonder how it looks without the strap?
  2. i LOVE the le confident! i would really love to get one in the verone color. verone is seriously underrated. it looks so sleek and classy IRL.
  3. I love this bag, just not sure I want to pay the high price.
  4. Le Confident is surely a drooler! :drool:
  5. I saw it in person yesterday and it's cute. They also had the Le Precieux and it was also cute but really tiny.
  6. I saw that in person .. but I am not a big fan of it.. I just cant pull it off it seems a little bit too mature for me in my opinion !!
  7. Stunning. Does this one only come in the black or white? I would like the new verone colour.:nuts:
  8. ^^The LV site lists it as an option.
  9. Aaahhh.... yummy. That bag is in my list. Hopefully, i can get it as soon I get to a major city (Melbourne?) Wonder whether anyone here has it... hmm...
  10. Oh my they are beautiful:drool:.
  11. I was at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas on Wednesday. I don't live in Vegas but went for a couple of days w/DH to see the 'Ka' show. I absolutely love the Le Confident bag in the new Verone color. The bag is so much softer than the older Suhali styles. There's an outside pocket in the back and the shoulder strap is the perfect length.
    I hinted that this would make an excellent birthday present. - although my birthday isn't until October
  12. Very pretty! I am considering my first Suhali piece, but don't know whether to get the Le Confident or Le Precieux... :push:
  13. I would love to see this in verone, I don't like this bag in black, something wrong about it