suhali L'aimable...

  1. how much can it hold? Is it worth it? I forgot to try it on the store last night...ughh:yucky: :push: I have seen one from LT's site and the price is good too...:nuts:
  2. Doesn't it hold as much as the Eye Miss You since they're like the same size?

    [They don't hold that much stuff.]
  3. At that price you should get it or someone else will!
  4. are you talking about the blue one from LT? yeah, that's seriously about half of what mine cost. i'd have had to make a decision between colors if the blue was not discontinued when i was ready to buy. i personally love it, i just got it about a month ago for the reason of having a little black bag. had my eye on it for a year before it was mine. but it can hold my wallet, cell phone, lipstick, and probably more...but then again that's really all i ever BUT I LOVE MINEEEE!


  5. :sad: ... hmmmm....
  6. Yeah it doesn't hold too much. The Le Tal holds more..
  7. I wanted to get one but it's really small and I have heard some people have had trouble opening the bag.
  8. Here's a pic that Irene [LV_Addict] posted of what fit inside her Eye Miss You a while back:

  9. pretty small.... and not worth it even at 50% off imo
  10. awh, no one's showing the l'aimable any love :crybaby:
  11. wow!! great price from Lets trade.
    Suhali is TDF!
  12. LOL. I love it, it's just super small! :sad:

  13. I agree! I love it but it's really small.
  14. It's small but it's good as an evening bag just to carry the essentials :yes: