Suhali L'Aimable...


Oct 23, 2005

I see the dimensions of the bag, but has anyone seen it in person, or anyone here own one? It looks to be kinda small, but it's very pretty :love: I'm wondering how much would fit in it. I love the geranium, if I ever bought a Suhali bag, it would be a tough choice between that and white. This is a couple of months away, but I was thinking about buying either the Epi Speedy in mandarin and a pair of shoes, or one bag. Just checking out my options :amuse:

Any help or information would be great :nuts:
Yes, it's really too small in my opinion.

Yeah, to small for me. It's very pretty though! I love the L'Épanoui GM is my personal favorite.

I would probably go for the mandarin epi and a pair of shoes if I were you :biggrin:
I have an eye miss you which is the same size as the l'aimable ... it really does not hold that much and more a special events piece. I vote for something that you will use more frequently.