Suhali La Talentueux

  1. Hi everyone. I got the black La Tal from my husband yesterday for Valentine's day and I am wondering if you may provide me with feedbacks. Should I:

    1. Keep the black La Tal?
    2. Exchange for the white La Tal?
    3. Or exchange for La Tal in other colors?
    4. Or pay a bit more and get the white L'Epanoui?

    I think the white looks more beautiful but the black is more versatile.

  2. IMO I'd keep the black, for me it's the epitome of class, and can be used as both a day and evening bag
  3. switch to epanoui! the big one though!
  4. I would keep it too... it's a gorgeous bag and black goes with a lot =)
  5. keep the black, definetly definetly
  6. I like le talentueux more than l'épanoui :yes: keep it!
  7. I would keep looks so classy in the black, and goes with so much!
  8. Keep! Keep! Keep!:balloon:
  9. I would keep it maybe because it was gift... Anyway Good Luck with your decision!!!!
  10. Keep the black!
  11. I would keep the black one, I would be really worried about getting any white bag dirty--but that's just me.
  12. Keep it or exchange for white. If you get the white explain to your DH that you love the black but because spring is coming, you'll be able to use the white more.
  13. Keep the black, classy!
  14. I like the lépanoui more, but just do what you like the most, what would you buy if you had the money and was in the store????
  15. I'd keep it...the black is my favorite Suhali color next to plum!