Suhali: Is it dated?

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  1. I still like it but I'm wondering...
  2. Suhali is just goat leather... As for the various models, some of them might be "dated" due to the bold use of gold-tone hardware in an era of minimalism. However the Suhali lockit will remain a classic at the top of my wish list.
  3. +1 will definitely by a suhali lockit if it's available in boutique.
  4. hell no! I love my Suhali Lockit! The goat leather is nice and thick and chewy.
  5. No way!!!!! I love the Suhlai like. Some of the items are a bit heavy on the hardware, but i think they are gorgeous.
  6. I have always love the name of the line. I look back, that line feels very LV. Paying homepage to the luggage trunks.
  7. I bought the Suhali Le Confident in Verone last year and I lvoe it😀
  8. Is it heavy because of all the hardware?
  9. It was once the top of the line at Louis Vuitton. Today it barely brings any money on the pre-loved market.

    Is it dated?
    I think it's definitely of a past fashion era.

    Is it still beautiful?
    Pieces that have been well preserved still look stunning.

    What one may consider "dated," another will consider a vintage treasure. To each his own!
  10. +1

    I would love it if LV brings back the Suhali lockit. It should have been part of a permanent line.
  11. I feel like that's pretty common with leather LVs.:rain:
  12. The only thing that keeps its value is mono canvas.
    First time buyers want the logo.

  13. Been out of production for several years, so it won't be at LV boutiques.

    I had the Suhali Lockit and it was great quality and beautiful. But I didn't like the way the center section collapses because it's softer leather than the calf-leather trim.
  14. I'm glad I didn't get anything Suhali. My had my eyes on something but it was EXPENSIVE so I didn't pull the trigger. Yeah, the Suhali line does not hold up to its value in the secondary market. If you really want a brand to "hold up in value" while you enjoy it, I don't even think it's Louis Vuittin. It it Hermes.
  15. Basically anything that screams LV will hold its value. Like you said, the first time buyers usually want the whole world to know what they're carrying, but that's starting to slowly change as more and more people are leaning away from logos and favouring subtlety.