Suhali in White?

  1. A question for the owners of any Suhali pieces in white. Does it get dirty easily? I have tons of MC in white which are very durable and not as sensitive one might think for white. Looking to see of this is the same for Suhali.

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I have 2 white suhali bags and don't fuss over them at all and they have held up great to general usage...I am usure about small accessories as I only own suhali white bags:smile:
  3. Bags were the pieces in question.

  4. ooo I have a question to add to that....Do Suhali white bags (top handle) dirty easily?:yes:
  5. i've used my white L'Epanoui GM quite a bit now, and they're still in pristine condition. the handles aren't dirty at all. the leather is really more durable than you think (it'd better be for what i'm paying :lol:!)
  6. The leather has been threated, it will never get dirty. it's no like the untreated vacheta .
  7. Lol I only have the plum agenda but it's doing really well! I use it daily and switch it from bag to bag..I know it's a different color and that the darker colors do better but it seems ok so far.
    Which bag were you thinking of getting? I really only want one, and that's the black Le Fab, of course! :yes:
  8. Hehe. I wanted to get this Suhali for the longest time. You probably already know. I spoke about it on LVII. :graucho:

    Glad to hear it does pretty well for itself. I guess that settles it.
  9. Looking forward to see your new baby..;) [​IMG]..psssstttttt what is it??
  10. Aww yay!! Congrats!!! :heart:
    If I ever get one it'll be the blue. :yes:
  11. Michelle, my mom has a white LeTal and it still look great, she got it in 2004?
  12. WOW!! :nuts:
  13. Which style did you have in mind?
  14. Suhali bags in white is the classiest of all Suhali colors IMO. For that price, it better not be easy to get dirty!