Suhali in Geranium on

  1. Just wondering why all the Suhali bags are now showing up in Geranium on the site -- I thought this was discontinued colour, why are they relisting it everywhere now? Are they bringing it back? I checked several bags and accessories and its showing up as an option where it never has for many months, like even Le Fab, Le Tal, etc. Under the US site.

    Any speculation? I've got to call them when they open lol .. I'd love some geranium!
  2. I gave them a call, sounds like there are quite a few pieces around the country they are clearing out so give them a call if you are looking for any of the discontinued Geranium or other items, they may be in stock somewhere :smile: I have my list of goodies in case I want a special item brought in. They also said that will be allowing you to purchase right off their site at some point in the future :smile:
  3. I think they must be having a big old warehouse clearance lots of discontinued colours are suddenly popping up again unfortunately on the UK version they mostly show out of stock so I don't really understand why they put them up,
  4. Vista, thanks for the info, I adore that color as well! A Le Fab would be stunning!
  5. Oh the Le Fab would be great :smile: none in Canada, alas but some in the US inventory - I hope a tPFer gets one :smile: - several styles in the US and just a couple in Canada -- also some in Blue just call 866 to check the stock.

    Looks like accessories too - so if you are looking for a wallet in Geranium some have popped up!
  6. oooh must be like the mandarin epi popping up again.

    geranium is a gorgeous color :smile:
  7. I wonder why this happens sometimes too. They must just reuse old pics!