suhali hardware ???

  1. Can you tell me if the hardware scratches easily? TIA
  2. I believe it's the same brass hardware as the rest of the lines. The only difference would be the brown color that comes with titanium hardware. I would imagine the titanium is more durable and scratch-resistant.
  3. I have always been curious about this. I'm pretty careful so I'm not too worried about scratching, it's the possibility of tarnishing that bugs me.
  4. i accidentally crashed my L'Epanoui GM into my doorframe once, and i know for sure that the S-lock hit it, but most unnaturally for me, the hardware was unscathed. it's really quite durable :yes:
  5. Mine is still shiny and scratch free. I don't particularly use my Suhali with gloves so I would say LV quality can be trusted.