Suhali gold/silver

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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know when they will be releasing the suhali in gold and silver

  2. any idea?!?!?!?!?!?
  3. I know they did this years ago. Are they re-releaisng gold and silver?
  4. Yes as i've been told
  5. Yes, they are releasing metallic colors again. My SA told me they are due in November
  6. I thought they were only doing them in the lockit? I've also heard late fall, November-ish. But that they wouldnt look like the past metallic suhali.
  7. ^^^ You are right mlowarn. They are just releasing the lockit model. Sorry for the confusion :shame:
  8. I cant wait- providing they make a MM size. I'm not a fan of the PM as much after getting my Sienne PM. Sad that they're only doing the miroir in small too. I so wanted one.
  9. o wow. looks like it'll be hot in person.
  10. thanks for all
  11. Did you see ths photo in the other thread?? Anyone have ideas about price?? which colour to get gold or silver???
  12. no price yet, but definitely get the silver :yes:
  13. darn! I hope some will still be around in 18 months' time cos I'm travelling and can't take the extra luggage!
  14. I was thinking silver too:P
  15. I actually prefer the gold but will have to wait until I see them IRL...