suhali double coiled bracelet ?

  1. Hey guys!
    this is my first post in the lv section on tpf, but yall are a great group! i LOVE my lv's, but only have bags and pouches...i have nothing "little." i just ordered the geranium suhali double coiled leather bracelet off elux and was suddenly wondering about the length of it. i am 6'2" 145 lbs and just want to make sure it will fit right? does anyone who has this bracelet or that has tried it on know about sizing, etc. also, is geranium closer to red or orange irl? thanks in advance! hopefully i made the right decision, i am alittle worried now...
  2. I have that bracelet in black and my wrists aren't exactly slim and it fits very well.
  3. OMG!:nuts: I've been wanting one forever!!! Sorry, I can't help w/ sizing! OOOO... welcome to tPF!!
  4. This is one hot bracelet... I kinda want to get it, but am unsure.

    Geranium looks more red than orange.
  5. yay!!! okay. i have not yet seen it in person but yall have made me feel better. it should be here monday or tues and i will post pics!!!! thanks so much for yalls help;)
  6. get one in black my sa has one and it's hot, i wan't to get the slock bracelet but the large size is too big and the small is too small:sad: maybe I'll get the koala one btw are u in atl?...
  7. welcome to TPF and can't wait for those pics!
  8. congrats! you picked an incredible color! i think that it will fit you just fine.
  9. When I tried on the black double coiled bracelet I had it on the last hole and I don't think my wrists are that large.
  10. yeah, the black was initially my first choice but i decided at the last minute to change it...who knows...maybe black will be next? and nope...i wish i was in atl, but i usually drive up about once a week to get my shopping fix. it's about an hour away
  11. thanks for all your help everyone!!! i have become addicted to this forum!

    arnott--when you tried it on was it tight on the last hole? i wish i knew whether i have big it's hard to tell, i am pretty small boned for my height, but who knows...i am still pretty tall too.

    it's interesting, i feel like i have checked this whole forum for pics while wearing it, but nobody seems to have this particular bracelet. maybe i am missing something though...
  12. No, it was perfect on the last hole. I don't know if I have big wrists, but I think I'm big-boned. :p Thats me on my Avatar.
  13. ok you are definately NOT big boned! lol.
  14. There are 1-2 PF'ers that own this bracelet... I'll PM one of them, show them this thread, and ask if they can post a picture of them wearing it. ;)
  15. Here are some pics for you, I have a black one:



    In that pic, i'm wearing it on the middle hole.

    I usually wear it on the tightest one (I have tiny wrists). There are 3 buckle holes, so anybody can wear it comfortably (I think).

    Hope that helped! :heart: