Suhali Cles

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  1. Is the Suhali cles an acceptable piece for a guy to have?
    I'm really digging the square cles and I the only other ones are like vernis and multicolore. I was thinking abou the noir ... Any opinions?

    Have a good weekend,
  2. It is indeed. I love the Suhali cles on a man!
  3. Absolutely!!!
  4. I have the suhali cles in Germanium, LOVE it

    too many compliments on it lol
  5. Thank you guys!

    Geranium is a good color but I was thinking more of the black/brown.

    The only thing I can't decide is to get Suhali or Multicolor.

    I've always wanted a multicolor/vachetta piece and I think its the only one I can pull off. The Suhali is just so elegant though.. How does it wear? Scratches?
  6. I think it's totally fine. Suhali is really unisex...but I'd definitely get the Suhali over the MC. MC is nice and all but I think you'll find yourself using the Suhali one more.
  7. :yes: :yes:
  8. mm suhali. droool.
  9. yeah.. i think it just might happen. i've gotten lv for every single thing in my messenger... just not an lv messenger.. i think this might be the last before the actual messenger :smile:
  10. Great for a guy. Get the ones on Rebeccalou28!
  11. i think suhali is ok on a guy, brown is more low key i guess because the corners are silver (hope i'm right?)

    but black will certainly get more attention coz of the gold corners.
  12. Absolutly!!
  13. The black Suhali Cles Rebeccalou had up won't be put up anymore... she said that since it didn't sell, she's going to give it as a Christmas gift... :sad:
  14. Was it significantly less expensive on Rebeccalou?
  15. definitely!!