Suhali Cabas Bags

  1. I know that a couple of ladies have already gotten this bag early ;) but I went to the boutique today and I have to say that is absolutely, without question, one of THE nicest Suhali styles to date!!! Very understated elegance!!!! I have one on hold until it can be sold on the official date of 8/1.
  2. just out of curiosity, how much is this new bag?
  3. Someone on eBay has a BIN price of $2400 (ouch!) but it is a beautiful bag.
  4. I was wondering about that bag on eBay! If it's not for sale till Aug. 1st, how are they selling it already?:nuts: Was their SA out of it too?
  5. A few were sold early, from what I understand the decision to hold the Suhali to coincide with the Mono was made AFTER the bags were shipped & some stores didn't get the memo on time. A few lucky customers were able to get them.
  6. the pm is $2100
    mm is $2470
    I can't wait to see them IRL:yahoo:
  7. What colors is this bag coming iin ?

    Maybe the eBay seller got her just like the gals here. The sale person made a big Oops!
  8. colours are white, black & brown.
  9. i'm sure the bag in black is amazing. I like the white too, very nice for summer.
  10. if it's authentic, that bag is beautiful in brown. i love the inner lining. 2400 is ouch. i think the black would look nice too, especially for a NYC winter.
  11. the bag is authentic.
  12. I can't wait to see this bag IRL! The pics are gorgeous!
  13. After reading this post... checked out the collection again (its been a while since I have drooled) and found my DREAM BAG :love: :love: :love:

  14. i've seen a blue one IRL...
    it's amazing :P

  15. I looked at the PM and the GM. I only wanted the GM in black. It's $2800. The bags are coming in Red, white, black, and Sienne. I also saw the Monogram lockit bags. I only saw the vertical and it was cute!
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