Suhali: Blue or Black?

  1. I want everyone's opinions please. Which one do you prefer and why(for l'ingenieux or le talentueux)?
  2. Black for both styles you've mentioned above.
  3. black for either, not a fans of the blue suhali
  4. black gets my vote too... never liked blue Suhali either and black goes with everything :yes:
  5. I don't like the black, the blue is hot, I'm in love with Plum and for the white Ingenieux
  6. I like both colors but i think it i was buying both those bags i'd get the le tal in blue and the l'ing in black. I dont care my for the l'ing in blue.

    Mie you the le tal would be perfect in black as an evening bag :love:
  7. Did you change your mind about the Le Fab?
  8. I like the blue. You can get black bags anywhere. The Suhali line is pricey and I think the blue is a little more special.
  9. I like blue. I'm just not a fan of black.
  10. i like the black for both bags. the L'Ingenieux is on my to-buy-eventually list too :rochard:!
  11. Black. I think the Suhali line looks best in white then black.
  12. Blue~
  13. I agree. Definitely Black. :yes:
  14. I like the blue better but I still think I would go with the black as it's easier to match.
  15. Actually, I fall in love with WHITE Suhali
    And my next choice is BLUE
    BLUE is fabulous and hot for sure!
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