Suhali Black Lockit MM OR Mono Stephen

  1. I can't decide which to purchase for my next bag?? Need your assistance/advice/thoughts. I adore the shape of the stephen and I know that it is a seasonal release BUT I also adore the suhali lockit MM which is great as it fits very well on my shoulder and is a good everyday bag.
  2. both :smile:
    Sorry i'm not help because i like both.
  4. Hi Shalom!! I say the Lockit! I know the Stephen is great too, but like you said, kind of "seasonal". The black will go with everything and I know you've always loved the Lockit. Good luck with your choice!
  6. Hi
    Thanks for your thoughts:love: I do have the white suhali lockit pm which I can place on my shoulder but I thought getting the black MM would be a good option;) I saw the stephen and love the shape:lol:
  7. Lockit!
  8. hmm hard but I would go for the stephen
  9. stephen, lockit is here to stay, you can get it later!
  10. Stephen!!
  11. lockit!
  12. Lockit.
  13. get the Stephen ;)
  14. i prefer the Lockit. i can't stand the entire concept of the Stephen!
  15. Between the two, Stephen.
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