Suhali Bags - Please show us what yours can hold!

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  1. For those with Suhali bags, will you please post pictures of what your bag can hold? I'm specifically looking for pics of the Le Fab, Le Tal, L'Epanoui PM and Lockit PM but ANY Suhali owners can post pics...

    I'm wondering because I was looking at the dimensions of what I thought is probably a larger Suhali bag, the Le Fab, and it actually isn't quite as big as I thought. When I did a volume calculation for the Le Tal it was surprisingly small :wtf:

    I've looked in What's inside your LV bag but it's impossible to find pics of the bags in such a longggg thread and no pics in clubs either, really...want more pics, please!!
  2. here is the le fab for you..

    here is a lockit pm which I believe is the same size and the suhali

    here is the suhali pm
    439179158_fc8951a250.jpg 439189992_8a133712db.jpg
  3. L'Epanoui GM:



    L'Ingenieux PM:


  4. Le Tal:

  5. AAAAAAAAA~!!!!:tup::heart: that's my bag!!!!


    i don't recommend stuffing it this does get pretty heavy!
  6. Thank you everyone!!

    And elle--LOVE your plum Le there are THREE on eBay and it's so tempting...
  7. Wow, except for the Le Fab...I'm actually surprised at how much these bags can hold--MUCH LESS than I expected!! I did ask to see the Le Tal in person today and I was shocked when my LV sunnies and case took up like 2/5 of the bag's space...yikes :wtf:
  8. Plum Le Tal.......gorgeous, :love: yes I'm tempted too.
  9. I highly recommend the plum Le Tal :tup: It's the perfect size for me and as we all know, it's gorgeous :drool: I'd say it's my favorite piece out of my collection!
  10. oh I love them...thanks for starting this thread.
  11. I have a white Le Fab and love it.
  12. I have debated on the Le Tal myself but think I will hold out for the Le Fab.
  13. I'd suggest to put your sunnies in UPRIGHT, this way, it only takes up about 1/5 of the bag:yes:
    and no... I've no pictures (cuz I htink it's too personal... just feels... vulnerable to me lol...)

    As for Le Fab, the outter handle falls off... might be annoying for some people
    L'epanoui GM is also beautiful and is the perfect size with very comfy straps, the only thing I don't like is the push-in clasp...
    Have you considered the Lockit MM? I think it'll be a good size for ya
  14. I want a suhali sooo bad! I will get one eventually!