Suhali accessories??? white???

  1. Does anyone own any? I'm back and forth with suhali b/c I'm not crazy about the hardware but I love the leather.....but now I'm thinking the hardware on the accessories is so minimal and the white is very pretty! It seems to be slightly off white right? I like to go in the store prepared to ask for what I'm interested in because if I don't you never know what might happen LOL!.....and I'm driving myself crazy here with elux so I need some input, I don't want to go to the store until I'm going to buy and that's going to be Sept......
  2. Ive saw it in the store and it looks amazing, I would go for it if I was you. :-]
  3. it is off white but the leather is so well threated and so rich.
  4. The colour is slightly off white, but IMO it actually looks so much better than it would if it was actuall white.
    The leather is totally TDF!
    If I was you I would GO FOR IT!
  5. I agree "it actually looks so much better than it would if it was actuall white":heart:
  6. thank you, it is the leather that I'm loving, I think I'm going to do the cles and the small agenda at some point.....I want to get a perle reade pm and I think I want to use light colored accessories with it but I hate being too matchy, I thought the suhali leather would contrast nicely with the vernis and the perle isn't a pure white either....still have to see it in person, but I think I'm really loving it....
  7. the white is amazing, but i went for the Germanium cles when I got mine, I still would like something in white and black and blue lol. i love the hardware, its really flashy!!
  8. you wont regret the buy!
  9. I have the geranium sm. agenda and I love it. The hardware is what makes it so pretty I think. I also love the blue color but the only thing I can find left in that is the Carnet de Notes....and I'm not sure I need a $450 notepad!! But it is beautiful!!! The white is more of a winter white, not white white, if you know what I mean. It's beautiful too with the Gold hardware.
  10. I agree the geranium + hardware is amazing
  11. I think I'm gonna go with some white.....The geranium is very pretty but I have my cerises cles to add some red to stuff....I'll make my final decision in the store of course where I may change my mind...but the white is calling me.....
  12. I have the black talentueux and wallet - I liked the white more but was too chicken to get them as my first suhali pieces. Maybe next year I'll get a bag in white!:love:
  13. cool, thanks, I do love it, just have to wait until next week
  14. I think the suhali line looks best in white.