1. Hi, Ladies!

    I am currently on the hunt for a really really big bag, preferably the Burberry check. I need it to be at least 17 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. The new collection doesn't really have anything this big, but I really like the quilted tote with the patent leather top. It is just too small. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to get a Burberry bag for the spring. I am a student and need one big enough for my laptop (15 inch), its cords, water bottle, books, wallet, make up- really really big! I really like the Regent style, but I can only find it on eBay and not always in the color (the black trim) I like.

    Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks!
  2. you might want to try looking at the duffle bags - that is probaly from your description what you are looking for!! Good luck!!!