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  1. I ordered a Cabas Mezzo, and I am really excited! However, after reading a lot of these threads I've realized that they get dirty/ruined FAST, and I guess had I read about it earlier, I would have ordered a different bag.

    Anyway, is there anything to treat a brand new bag to prevent water marks or stains? I know the #1 thing is to be careful, but I just don't want it to get all spotty and ugly really fast :sad:
  2. I use mine quite frequently and I haven't noticed that it gets especially dirty at all. I actually wouldn't recommend treating it (though I know many here will). Just avoid setting your bag on dirty or wet places and you should be fine. :yes:
  3. If you just be carefull with the bag,you won't have to worry about it.

    Congrats on your new purshase.Please post pics when you get it !
  4. Agree. I've never used any product on my LVs. I had a Cabas Piano and it looked beautiful - golden patina but not stains. I was just very careful when I put it down - never in a bathroom or on a wet counter, and while in a restaurant, I would sometimes put a napkin down first, and then place my Cabas Piano on top of it! I eventually sold the Piano and later bought a Mezzo. Again, with the Mezzo, I'm just careful about where I'll put it down.