1. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting pen ink off of pebbled leather? Leather cleaner didn't work :sad:

    It's just a wristlet so I'd be willing to try whatever. I'm not really worried about ruining it at this point...

    TIA! :heart:
  2. Oooh, that's a tough one.

    I've never tried it on pen ink, but magic eraser has done some pretty amazing things on a few of my bags. I had to use leather moisterizer afterward, but they looked as good as new. Worth a try maybe? Hopefully someone has more pen ink specific advice!
  3. I second trying the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Another thing you can try is baby wipes, but I get the feeling the Magic Eraser would do better.
  4. Old fashioned hair spray will get pen ink off of almost anything.

    You have to be sure it is the old fashioned, sticky, environmentally unfriendly kind, though. A lot of the new ones do not contain the correct combination of harmful chemicals.
  5. LOL. I guess I have to go get some Aquanet, huh? I have Artec aerosol, but it's not the icky sticky stuff.

    I'll try Mr. Clean eraser, too. Those things are insanely effective.

    Thanks for the tips ladies!!! :heart:
  6. if you use hairspray, do you spray it directly on the leather? Or on a cloth and then rub?
  7. i use hairspray all the time on my leather bags...i use salon selective in either the purple or pink aerosol can, and its worked wonders on my white leather coach bag, along with my numerous lv mono bags/accessories.

    i spray the hairspray on a q-tip, as opposed to a cloth, because i have more control over where the hairspray is getting in contact with my bag. as im cleaning, im constantly using fresh q-tips because i dont like seeing all that ink continuously coming into contact with my bag. every so often i also wipe with a very slightly damp cloth, followed by a clean dry cloth to get rid of any residue or stickiness that the hairspray causes.

    hope this helps everyone :smile: