1. Hey all. Me and a group of friends are going to a broadway play, but one of the party dropped out. She gave me her ticket, but I'm just going to sell it on eBay. I've never sold on eBay, just bought, any suggestions for the listing?
  2. Try to Craigslist might be easier. Good Luck
  3. I've sold tickets on eBay (although in the UK) and often at short notice. The things that help me are:

    well-timed and short listings
    emphasis on the desirability/scarcity of tickets
    links to reviews/write-ups/special societies etc
    flexibility about price, terms etc.

    I see tickets sold as a bonus since I only ever end up listing tickets on Ebay if something has gone awry socially, but so far, so good in terms of my success. Maybe adapted expectations too are important i.e. hoping to recover the cost of the ticket but being willing to accept less than face value.

    Good luck!
  4. check also
  5. We also have sites like 'What's on in London Theatre' and 'Dress Circle' which have great ticket forums - is there a NY equivalent? Might reach your target audience quicker and more efficiently than Ebay?